Investment Criteria

We seek to invest in companies that have high quality entrepreneurs with a track record of leadership and performance either in the Company’s specific industry or in prior entrepreneurial ventures.  With a sound proof of concept and poised for growth, these companies have committed management who demonstrate passion for their business concepts, and are able to inspire others with their confidence, knowledge and execution of their business plan.

Market opportunity

We invest in solutions that address major problems and/or opportunities.  These solutions have been well researched by the management team who have the time and determination to bring clarity and vision to the forefront.  Other themes highlight the growth potential, competition, and the overall profitability of the target market.  Domain knowledge and Return on Investment are also key components.

Use of proceeds

Funds must be used to accelerate the company’s achievement of key milestones as agreed upon by Company management and us.  The trust factor required for this registers off the charts.  It is our guiding principle that it takes many moments to build trust and only one moment to destroy it.

Growth potential

We look for companies that can grow quickly and have the skills and reasonable access to personnel to scale up based on success.  In an earlier stage company, this growth is fueled by the organization’s leadership and their expectation for success.

Competitive advantage

There are three main avenues to holding a competitive advantage, thus allowing an organization to outperform its competitors;

Be the first,

Be the best, or


We don’t cheat so the other two are of prime importance.