At the recently held London BCH Speakers Series II event by Cryptartica, Martin Dempster, VP of innovation at BrewDog UK, shares his company’s experience in adopting cryptocurrency for payments.

Bored of the “stuffy ales” dominating the UK beer market in the 2000s, James Watt and Martin Dickie decided to brew their own beer. In April 2007, BrewDog was born.

A decade later, the “maverick craft brewery based in the northeast of Scotland,” is “now the biggest and most successful craft brewery in Europe,” said BrewDog UK VP of Innovation Martin Dempster. This year, the craft brewery and pub chain has taken on a new challenge—adopt cryptocurrency for payments.

Last October 19, BrewDog opened its Canary Wharf pub, where the first 100 customers were given Bitcoin Cash to spend at the bar. With the help of CoinGeek and wallet provider Centbee, BrewDog helped its first guests to download a wallet and gave them free crypto to put in it and spend at the bar. Initially, BrewDog saw a “cultural barrier” in terms of further adoption; however, Dempster said they “found it really easy and cheap to deploy” compared to traditional payment terminals.

“It was such a novel thing for us… to offer and there was such a real palpable sense of excitement before we launched,” Dempster said. “It’s not flash in the pan, people are actually using the tech, which is great to see.”

If you want to know what BrewDog did to accept cryptocurrency, join us at the CoinGeek Week Conference, happening at the Mermaid, Puddle Dock in London on November 28-30 (with a special, invitation-only Miners Day event on November 27). The four-day event is a celebration of the rebirth of the original Bitcoin as Bitcoin SV (Satoshi Vision), and it’s also the perfect opportunity to learn from experts the importance of scaling to enterprise levels on the original Bitcoin chain—now named Bitcoin SV (BSV)—the only platform that has proven its ability to achieve this.

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