At the Cryptartica-hosted London BCH Speakers Series II, Petter Ikekhua of CoinGeek shares the top reasons why Bitcoin is a win for merchants.

Why is merchant adoption important for Bitcoin to grow?

The answer, according to Petter Ikekhua of CoinGeek, is simple: because the currency needs to gain value.

“The actions of buyers, people with money, always have to equal the actions of sellers. So if you’re not selling anything, you can’t generate value. And therefore merchant adoption is the most important thing because they are selling things and they have to accept bitcoin cash in order for the currency to gain value,” Ikekhua tells the audience at the recently held London BCH Speakers Series II event.

Ikekhua also explained the top reasons why Bitcoin is a win for merchants, and how he helps merchants onboard Bitcoin as a method of payment. Simply put, the original Bitcoin, now reborn as Bitcoin SV (Satoshi Vision), is the only platform that has proven its ability to scale to enterprise levels—facilitating what is needed for global commerce.

“The reason why Bitcoin is the main currency for merchants is because it’s the only blockchain which has the roadmap to scale to beyond 1GB block size,” Ikekhua said.

Ikekhua also touched on some of the questions or concerns merchants commonly have, explaining that the main challenge isn’t actually about comparing Bitcoin to another payment method or currency.

“The main challenge is actually nothing,” he said. “The option they have is to accept it or do nothing. The reason why is because there is nothing like Bitcoin. Period. It’s very much comparable to new technologies which also faced a very low adoption curve in the beginning … When I speak with businesses, I never position myself in a way where I’m trying to explain that this is a better way than doing Visa payments Mastercard payments or anything similar. It’s about changing their perception of how people would do commerce in the future.”

Ikekhua will join other industry leaders at the CoinGeek Week Conference in London, where they will share their stories about their journey to increase adoption. The conference, taking place at the Mermaid, Puddle Dock in London on November 28-30 (with a special, invitation-only Miners Day event on November 27), is a celebration of the rebirth of the original Bitcoin as Bitcoin SV, and it’s also the perfect opportunity to learn from experts the importance of scaling to enterprise levels on the original Bitcoin chain—now named Bitcoin SV (BSV)—the only platform that has proven its ability to achieve this.

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