Business damaged by Bitcoin Cash civil war sues in U.S. Federal Court, action alleges takeover of cryptocurrency network by china-backed players

Miami, FL. – In a lawsuit filed on Thursday December 6th in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida, United American Corp. a Florida Company, petitioned the court for emergency injunctive relief citing losses stemming directly from the Bitcoin Cash fork that began on November 15, 2018, and asserting that a team of conspirators involved in what many are calling the “Bitcoin Cash Civil War” worked with the knowledge and support of the Chinese government to stage a premeditated hostile takeover of this popular cryptocurrency platform.

The litigation, being handled by a team of attorneys led by Brian Miller, of the powerhouse Miami-based law firm Akerman, alleges there was “a scheme by a tight network of individuals and organizations designed to co-opt the cryptocurrency market for Bitcoin Cash, effectively hijacking the Bitcoin Cash network, centralizing the market and violating all accepted distributed and decentralized standards and protocols associated with Bitcoin since its inception.” It claims this scheme caused “a global capitalization meltdown of more than $4 billion and caused many American and Canadian coin holders to suffer financial damages.”

Since 2017 United American Corp. has moved heavily into the development and implementation of blockchain and blockchain technologies and invested in the deployment of over $4 million of infrastructure towards that end. Those investments can be greatly imperiled by changes in the Bitcoin Cash network brought about by the alleged scheme, changes that have altered the fundamental economics of the business.

The lawsuit moves against multiple defendants:, Roger Ver, Bitmain Inc. Bitmain Technologies LTD. Bitmain Technologies Holding Company, Jihan Wu, The Kraken LLC, Jesse Powell, Amaury Sechet, Shammah Chancelor and Jason Cox.

This legal action will seek to prove that specific key actors, including some of the biggest US-based and international names and entities in the digital currency world, have been operating with the support of the Chinese government to centralize the Bitcoin cash network resulting in Chinese entities now having established dominance over this important segment of the cryptocurrency market with proprietary software checkpoints and instituting other means of control over the system.

“We want the future of cryptocurrency in general and Bitcoin Cash in particular to live up to the tremendous potential of the Satoshi white paper’s original vision,” said Lawry Trevor-Deutsch, Vice President of Corporate Affairs for United American Corp. “We envision a future led by an open, democratic and collaborative community fostering innovation and freedom. No entity or group of entities should seek to seize control of this platform for their own narrow interests or create rules that inhibit new competition and future technological innovation. That’s what this lawsuit is about.”

For additional information on the alleged Bitcoin Cash takeover scheme click here.


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nChain unveils ground-breaking Metanet project to power the internet on Bitcoin SV blockchain

London, United Kingdom - 5 December 2018

nChain, the global leader in blockchain research and development, has revealed its ground-breaking “Metanet” project to power and integrate the Internet through the Bitcoin blockchain. Using intellectual property it has created, nChain will develop the Metanet exclusively on Bitcoin SV (BSV), which reflects the original Bitcoin protocol and design. 

The Metanet is the creation of nChain Chief Scientist Dr. Craig S. Wright, who announced the project during his November 30 speech at the CoinGeek Week conference held in London. Dr. Wright explains:

“What we are going to actually create is a secure alternative to the Internet, built on the blockchain.  The Internet becomes a sidechain to the Bitcoin blockchain. The Metanet is a value network—the entire global system of online activity and data connected commercially.”

The Internet has transformed how we live and operate, but it was born in a pre-blockchain era.  On the surface, the Metanet sounds similar to the Internet.  But the Metanet is powered by technical differences in how data can be stored and accessed through blokchain transactions, which provide security and economic efficiency advantages over current Internet technology. The Metanet will transform how the Internet operates by using Bitcoin transactions to transfer compressed data, and thus enable reliable, semi-automated exchange of web page and other information.   

The Metanet will enable new ways to distribute web content and facilitate new e-commerce business models made possible by Bitcoin microtransactions. This can allow companies to earn instant micropayments for clicks, content, and data. Taking advantage of the economic security and stability of the blockchain, the Metanet can act to reduce the potential for fraud due to the higher data quality and integrity that blockchain-backed data storage provides.

This enables companies to create new business models with blockchain-based content distribution and microtransactions that (until now) have not been economically feasible on the Internet.  For example, new solutions will allow:

• Authorisation of access to web content, social media accounts, and distributed systems securely, in real time, and with private identity

• Internet search, information and content services that rely on micropayments by users rather than traditional advertising models

• Business models for real-time and secure pay-per-use of content and digital assets

• Integrated wallet systems for a seamless user integration and experience

• Automated contracts for and distribution of purchased products (both digital and physical)

• Real-time supply-chain management in a verifiable and traceable manner

• Automation of form-free and real-time insurance policies

• Secure real-time event ticket, transportation and hotel booking

nChain Group CEO Jimmy Nguyen observes:

“The Metanet will initially enhance, then eventually drive the Internet, making Bitcoin SV the global public ledger that underpins all Internet activity.  It is a mind-blowing concept with limitless possibilities based on the additional security, efficiency, and data integrity of the blockchain, and is another part of Craig Wright’s vision for unleashing Bitcoin’s true power.   We have taken the initial steps, and know it will take work with others to make the Metanet a reality.”

The Metanet project is an enormous undertaking that will take time to specify and deliver in a business-friendly form. nChain will continue its work and find select collaboration partners to help progressively develop the Metanet.

Find Craig Wright’s presentation announcing the Metanet project here.

For further explanation, watch an interview with Craig Wright here.

For media enquiries, please email [email protected]

or contact Infinite Global at:

Matthew Gilleard (Infinite Global, EMEA)

+44 (0)207 269 1430

Jamie Diaferia (Infinite Global, US/ASIA)


ABOUT NCHAIN: nChain is the global leader in research and development of blockchain technologies.  Its mission is to enable massive growth and worldwide adoption of the Bitcoin network - focusing on Bitcoin SV (BSV) as the original Bitcoin which will fulfil the Satoshi Vision.

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Bitcoin rate and blockchain revolution: results of Blockchain Conference Moscow

On November 20, the heart of the Russian Federation held the eighth Blockchain Conference Moscow. Its organizer is the Smile-Expo international company.

The large-scale specialized conference brought together 40 speakers from seven countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland, Germany, and China. 500 attendees came to hear their presentations and observe the products at the demo zone.

Within the conference, the experts shed light on the industry burning issues – cryptocurrency regulation, influence of digital assets on capital management, and the future of decentralized technologies. Bitcoin rate and its prospects appeared among the hottest topics for discussion at the main stage and on the sidelines of the conference.

“Bitcoin is the main marketer. If Bitcoin grows, so does the interest in it. The same situation can be observed in case Bitcoin drops,” thinks Evgeniy Romanenko, crypto economist and moderator of Blockchain Conference Moscow.

Conference: prospects of blockchain tech and crypto market

The eighth Blockchain Conference Moscow gathered Russian and crypto experts from the leading international companies: PwC Legal (Switzerland), Russian Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (RACIB), Moscow-based GRAD Attorney Bar, Airalab, Center for Digital Transformation at Vnesheconombank, State Duma Financial Market Committee, the St. Petersburg community of blockchain developers, QIWI Blockchain Technologies, and MIOT Blockchain & Guilin Pharma.

One of the speakers was Aleksey Studnev, developer and CTO at Izetex PTE Ltd: the expert shared his opinion on the future of blockchain within the nearest decade.

“Cryptocurrency rate is information noise that has no impact on blockchain operation,” reckons Aleksey Studnev. He also claimed that the technology would follow the steps of the Internet and would become an indispensable feature of every smartphone. As reported by the expert, this would be the main aspect to affect the volume of the crypto market that would dramatically grow popular.

DarQube Founder Rostislav Haliplii told about the functionality of modern crypto exchanges and the role of artificial intelligence in trade on the crypto market.

“The primary target of AI technologies introduction into a DarQube platform is assisting traders in building revenue-generating strategies. AI can be applied to turn a good strategy into the brilliant one,” explains the speaker. 

The conference consisted of two specialized sections – Fintech (cryptocurrencies) and Blockchain (tokenization and ICO). Among the top speakers, there were Gerbert Shopnik from Bitfury Group, Leader of PwC Legal Switzerland Guenther Dobrauz-Saldapenna, Michael Chobanian from, Vice President at RACIB Valeriy Petrov, and Prof Simon Choi from China.

Panel discussions with top speakers

The event consisted of a panel discussion titled ‘Regulation of blockchain and digital financial assets’. The most experienced Russian crypto experts and lawyers took part in it. 

Among them, there were lawyer and expert on international financial and corporate law Maxim Pervunin, Director at OECD Centre RANEPA (the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration) Antonina Levashenko, Partner at Nektorov, Saveliev & Partners (NSP) Alexander Nektorov, lawyers Alexey Sinitsyn and Maria Agranovskaya, and Advisor to the Federal Chamber of Lawyers of the Russian Federation Helen Avakyan.

“Development of documentation that meets the standards is important, it should also reflect emerging aspects and provide new terminology. Another vital step lies in its application,” thinks Maria Agranovskaya from Moscow-based GRAD Attorney Bar.

The experts discussed cryptocurrency influence on capital management and obstacles on the way of digital money development. The panel discussion was part of the Fintech section. Meanwhile, Blockchain section specialists took part in the panel discussion titled ‘Evolution of the blockchain technology – period of experiments’. 

Demo zone: Mining 2.0 and cutting-edge hardware

Attendees had an opportunity to visit a traditional demo zone to observe products and services of the event participants – Cryptoferma, FAP LLC, DiPlex, GIXCUP.IO, DarQube, Hotmine, NRGMiner, AS1C, Mining-LAB, Bitferma, Quantium, Pacific, WattsOn, and GoWeb.

Particularly, Hotmine presented its equipment for heat generation by means of mining. As reported by the company representatives, heat produced by such devices will be a basis of the future mining.

At the booth of the manufacturer of 51ASIC mining equipment, attendees had a chance to take a look at ASICs, hardware wallets, control boards, power units, main bodies, and cables.

The leader of the Russian mining market WattsOn showcased its new product – ASIC BITMAIN ANTMINER S15. The company also announced the launch of a new pool.

Attendees had a possibility to ask the demozone participants any questions concerning their products, partnership conditions, and even their forecast of a Bitcoin rate.

“Our company was working during Bitcoin’s first and second fork. We witnessed the period than Bitcoin skyrocketed from $175 to $1000, and then from $2000 to $16 000. Everybody poses us the same question – when will it shoot for the moon again? Here is my point of view: as soon as the next halving comes about, Bitcoin will dramatically rise,” commented a Hotmine representative.


Blockchain Conference Moscow was organized by Smile-Expo, an international company with a 12-year experience in this sphere, which is 250+ events, 356 000+ attendees, 500+ speakers, and 500+ top exhibitors.

Smile-Expo is an organizer of major conferences dedicated to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The company has been holding the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference series across the globe since 2014. The events took place in 25 countries.

The sponsors of the eighth crypto event Blockchain Conference Moscow are the leading industry companies: DarQube (Silver Sponsor), TAAS Capital Fund (Investment Partner), Hotmine (Mining 2.0 Sponsor), Kaplink (Investment Partner), MMGP.RU (General Media Partner), WattsOn (Exclusive Sponsor).

For more information about the event and news in the cryptocurrency universe, visit the official website of Blockchain Conference Moscow.

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Dr. Craig Wright to transform the internet

Announcement at CoinGeek Week Conference, Friday, 30th November

The ever controversial Bitcoin visionary, Craig Wright, is set to use is presentation at CoinGeek Week to outline how he sees the entire Internet changing. Internet 2.0, if you will. The conference is focused on the rebirth of Bitcoin in the form of Bitcoin SV, the original bitcoin offering scalability that adheres to Satoshi’s Vision.

Dr. Wright will explain how the Internet should, in fact, evolve to become a side chain on Bitcoin. #LBYT: Listen Before Troll!

Friday, the third and final day of CoinGeek Week will examine the future of Bitcoin with speakers including writer and comedian Dominic Frisby, Jerry Chan (SBI Holdings) and Michael Hudson from Bitstocks. Michael will also be using the platform to announce a major new development, Introducing Gravity: The Bitstocks Ecosystem - Big Reveal.

The conference is at The Mermaid in Puddle Dock, London in the heart of the old-fashioned financial district and some tickets are still available.

Come and see Dr Wright’s ambition of what the Internet as a whole can become and the one thing you know for sure? It won’t be boring!

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Blockchain revolution is here: in honor of Bonifacio Day, tickets to the Philippines’ major blockchain conference at half price

Andrés Bonifacio is the country’s national hero.  He led the Philippine Revolution against the Spanish Empire in 1896. Due to this revolution, the country reconquered its independence, and November 30 remained in hearts and minds of Filipinos as the Memorial Day of the national hero.

Currently, there is another revolution in the Philippines, which could be even greater because of concerning the technological sector. It refers to the blockchain revolution.

Just imagine that money can be instantly transferred anywhere in the world without any fees. Imagine that concluding an agreement with a stranger, you will feel certain that nobody will be deceived. Imagine that all actions of the state are transparent, while the laws are equal for everyone. It is blockchain that can create such an economy and society.

What should be done to make dreams come true? How to speed up the blockchain revolution? These issues will be revealed by world-renowned crypto experts at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines.

In honor of Bonifacio Day, the organizer of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines – Smile-Expo – is giving a 50% discount on tickets. You can buy them from November 29 to December 5 inclusive.

• Discounted ticket price: $50.
• Undiscounted ticket price: $99.

The conference will take place in luxurious Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Makati. The event program and details are available on the website. Join the blockchain revolution right now!

Use the discount >>>

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原始比特币在Bitcoin SV(BSV)上得以重生;BCH算力大战结束

20181127日 - CoinGeek Mining很高兴地宣布原始比特币凭借Bitcoin SV(货币符号:BSV)得以回归。CoinGeek将支持比特币现金(BCH)的永久性区块链分裂,继续挖掘BSV链,并与全球其他个人和组织合作,为BSV货币建立一个充满活力的生态系统。这标志着2018年11月15日网络升级所引发的BCH算力大战的结束。

代表中本聪愿景的Bitcoin SV,有一个直接而明确的使命:实现中本聪最初的比特币白皮书中所设定的愿景。BSV的路线图旨在恢复比特币原始的中本聪协议,使其保持稳定,并使其能大规模扩容,从而使大型企业能自信地将业务建构在BSV区块链上。

在2018年11月15日的网络升级之后,BCH分成两条竞争链,双方一直在争取矿工投票以领导网络规则集。ABC的支持者利用租来的哈希算力制造了早期领先的幻觉,而Bitcoin SV的矿工们则使用自己真正投入的挖矿算力,在硬叉之前展示主导优势,并从此获得一致的支持。自从ABC的人为早期领先以来,Bitcoin SV链已经取得了进展。11月25日,BSV链显著领先ABC成为最长的链,有时甚至领先30多个区块。在累积的工作量证明上,Bitcoin SV还将ABC的领先优势降低至26%(就在几天前该差距为55%)。因此,这场算力大战的趋势正如CoinGeek所预测的那样,SV的持续算力为持久战斗并最终超越ABC的“租赁”或补贴的算力做好了准备。


CoinGeek创始人卡尔文·艾尔(Calvin Ayre)评论道:

“在去年比特币核心成为隔离见证货币后,我们的使命一直是确保原始比特币的生存并得以成功。就在上周,随着一系列激进和单方面的代码更改,ABC的BCH已经远远偏离了原始的比特币,它现在就是一个替代币的开发者实验品,我们已不再对它或其黯淡的品牌感兴趣。Bitcoin SV为保卫中本聪愿景而战,并代表原始的比特币。我们现在将完全专注于构建一个已经充满活力的Bitcoin SV生态系统。尽管ABC可能保留受损的BCH货币符号,但BSV正在带领大队人马赢得BCH原生的应用生态系统。我们期待在市场上超越BCH(及BTC),而不是更多的区块链争斗。”

在短时间内,BSV生态系统已经迅速得到发展。如 CoinMarketCap所列,许多交易所已经在交易Bitcoin SV(目前被标志为BSV和BCH-SV)。不计其数的BCH钱包、应用程序和服务也宣布将支持BSV,其中许多选择只支持BSV而不是ABC。在这个不断增长的列表中包括一些最流行的(前)BCH应用程序,例如HandCashCentbee钱包、Money Button,、Yours.orgKeyport TV。赢得CoinGeek 5百万英镑大赛的Tokenized平台也正在将其一流的、业务友好的代币化解决方案推向BSV。

为了支持BSV的进一步发展,用户的稳定性是头等要务。CoinGeek已经与Bitcoin SV开发团队就稳定性措施进行了磋商。Bitcoin SV项目技术总监史蒂夫·施德斯(Steve Shadders)解释道:

“稳定性的一个方面是重放攻击保护。既然ABC并没有将这种稳定性作为首要任务,那么Bitcoin SV将在这方面下功夫,让用户和企业对两条链都有信心。这一变化需要Bitcoin SV团队与比特币生态系统合作,当生态系统准备就绪时,我们就会宣布时间表。”

同时,Bitcoin SV团队准备了一份十分有用的用户指南,向用户解释如何安全地将他们的BCH货币拆分为ABC和BSV货币。随着更多工具开发出来,用户指南将会定期更新。



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Original Bitcoin is Reborn with Bitcoin SV (BSV); BCH Hash War Ends

CoinGeek Mining is pleased to announce the original Bitcoin is back with Bitcoin SV (ticker: BSV). CoinGeek will support a permanent chain split from Bitcoin Cash (BCH), continue mining the BSV chain, and will work with others globally to establish a vibrant ecosystem for the BSV coin. This ends the on-going BCH hash war triggered by the November 15, 2018 network upgrade.

Bitcoin SV, which stands for Satoshi Vision, has a straightforward and clear mission: fulfil the vision set out by Satoshi Nakamoto’s original Bitcoin white paper. BSV’s roadmap is to restore the original Satoshi protocol for Bitcoin, keep it stable, enable it to massively scale, and allow major enterprises to confidently build on top of the BSV blockchain.

After a November 15, 2018 network upgrade, BCH forked into two competing chains that have been battling for miner votes to lead the network rule set. ABC supporters used a burst of rented hash power to create the illusion of an early lead, whilst the Bitcoin SV miners used their own genuine investment in mining hash to provide a dominant lead before the hard fork and a consistent level of support since then. Since ABC’s artificial early lead, the Bitcoin SV chain has gained ground. On November 25, the BSV chain significantly led ABC as the longest chain, at times over 30 blocks ahead. Bitcoin SV also reduced ABC’s lead in accumulated Proof of Work to a 26% margin (down from over 55% just a few days ago). Thus, the hash war was trending exactly as CoinGeek predicted, with SV’s sustained hash prepared to outlast and eventually overtake “rented” or subsidized hash for ABC.

But within just a week of the November 15 upgrade, ABC hastily implemented numerous controversial changes, some of them hard forks - such as adding checkpoints, a 10-block reorganization defense. ABC also demonstrated clear intent to abandon the Nakamoto consensus Proof of Work security model with plans to add Avalanche, a pre-consensus system for miners to agree in advance about the next block size and move BCH towards a Proof of Stake system. These changes mean that ABC has abandoned fundamental principles of Bitcoin - the Nakamoto consensus and miners’ Proof of Work to determine the valid blockchain - and bears even less resemblance to Bitcoin than BTC’s SegWit coin.

CoinGeek founder Calvin Ayre comments:

“After Bitcoin Core became SegWit coin last year, our mission has always been to make sure the original Bitcoin survives and succeeds. With its series of radical and unilateral code changes in just the last week, ABC’s BCH has departed so far from the original Bitcoin that it is now an alt-coin developer experiment and we no longer have any interest in it or its tarnished brand. Bitcoin SV fought to preserve the Satoshi Vision, and is the original Bitcoin. We will now focus entirely on building upon an already vibrant Bitcoin SV ecosystem. Although ABC may keep the damaged BCH ticker symbol, BSV is winning over BCH’s native application ecosystem in droves. We look forward to out-competing BCH (and BTC) in the marketplace, rather than in further chain battles.”

In a short time, a BSV ecosystem has already quickly grown. Many exchanges are already trading Bitcoin SV (identified to date as both BSV and BCH-SV), as listed on CoinMarketCap. Numerous BCH wallets, applications, and services also announced they will support BSV, with many choosing to support only BSV rather than ABC. The growing list features some of the most popular (former) BCH applications, such as HandCash and Centbee wallets, Money Button,, and Keyport TV. The Tokenized platform, which won CoinGeek’s £5M contest, is also moving its best-in-class, business-friendly tokenisation solution to BSV.

To support further growth of BSV, stability for users is a key priority. CoinGeek has consulted with the Bitcoin SV development team about stability measures. Steve Shadders, Technical Director of the Bitcoin SV project, explains:

“One aspect of stability is replay protection. Since ABC has not made this stability a priority, Bitcoin SV will do so in order to confidence to users and businesses on both chains. This change will require the Bitcoin SV team to work with the Bitcoin ecosystem, and the timeline will be announced when there is adequate ecosystem readiness.”

Meanwhile, the Bitcoin SV team has prepared a helpful user guide explaining how users can safely split their BCH coins into ABC and BSV coins. The user guide will be updated periodically as more tools are developed.

Ayre observes:

“The smart money is on BSV. Because it is the original Bitcoin, BSV will generate the future value that was always envisioned for Bitcoin. While the current market price is depressed for other cryptocurrencies, BSV is the only token postured to increase significantly in value because its roadmap plans for big enterprise usage. We’re excited to help fulfil the Satoshi Vision, and invite all Bitcoin believers to join the BSV journey.”

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Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange awarded licence by Gibraltar Financial Services Commission

Minister for Commerce welcomes announcement as further evidence of jurisdiction’s growing credentials as blockchain hub

Gibraltar - November 23, 2018 - The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX), the token sale platform and Digital Asset Exchange, which is also a subsidiary of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX), has been awarded a full Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) licence by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC). The awarding of the licence follows completion of a rigorous application process and means that the GSX has become the first stock exchange to own a fully regulated blockchain exchange.

Gibraltar’s Minister for Commerce, The Hon Albert Isola MP, said, “The awarding of this licence is further evidence of the effective collaboration taking place between the public and private sectors in Gibraltar that is making this jurisdiction a force to be reckoned with in the global blockchain industry. The DLT regulatory framework continues to provide a road to market for quality companies like the GBX, while also providing them with the flexibility to continue to innovate with this technology.”

The GBX is now fully compliant with Gibraltar’s DLT legislation, a purpose-built legislative framework for businesses that use blockchain or DLT, introduced in January of this year. Gibraltar’s principles-led approach facilitates thorough and swift engagement between businesses and regulators while also allowing flexibility for guidelines to evolve alongside the blockchain sector.

The GBX aims to position itself as a world-leading institutional-grade token sale platform and Digital Asset Exchange that is a subsidiary of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX), which is a European Union (EU) regulated stock exchange. The GBX is expected to be a global listing and token sales springboard for utility tokens that have satisfied a strict due diligence and admissions process as well as a high-quality Digital Asset Exchange. In this regard, the GBX intends to set a higher standard for token issuance and trading for the benefit of all market participants.

“The team at the GBX have shown a clear understanding of the nine regulatory principles outlined in the legislative framework and a commitment to building a sustainable blockchain ecosystem here in Gibraltar. They have been strong advocates of sensible regulations for the blockchain industry and this announcement is vindication of that supportive attitude,” concluded Minister Isola.

Minister for Commerce, The Hon Albert Isola MP is available for interview

Media Contact

Liam Murphy
Senior Account Supervisor // Wachsman
[email protected]
+353 87 119 2107

About Gibraltar

A British Overseas Territory, Gibraltar is a self-governing and self-financing democracy that has established itself globally as a reliable centre for the blockchain and digital assets industry.  In January 2018, Gibraltar became the very first jurisdiction globally to introduce legislation around Distributed-Ledger-Technology (DLT), and has since asserted its position as a leading blockchain and cryptocurrency hub. With Gibraltar’s core values of regulation, reputation and speed to market at the foundation of its efforts within the blockchain industry, Gibraltar is now globally renowned for its commitment to creating a sustainable and secure regulatory framework for blockchain, as well as being one of the leading proponents in the advancement of the technology.

For more information please visit

About The Hon Albert Isola MP

The Honourable Albert Isola MP is Gibraltar’s Minister for Commerce with the primary responsibility of raising Gibraltar’s profile as an established onshore, mainstream, well-regulated financial services centre. Working closely with the financial services regulator, the Financial Services Commission, he is responsible for financial services policy, product development, and responding to international initiatives such as international tax compliance. Minister Isola played a leading role in the establishment of the Gibraltar International Bank, a first for Gibraltar as a home-grown full-service credit institution.

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CoinGeek partners on Teranode project with nChain; enabling path to 1 terabyte blocks and 7 million transactions per second for Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

CoinGeek announces it will partner with nChain, the blockchain research & development firm, on the Teranode project to create an enterprise-class full node implementation for Bitcoin (BCH-SV). nChain announced Teranode at the May 2018 CoinGeek conference in Hong Kong, and CoinGeek will now provide additional funding and business support for the project. Teranode takes the original Satoshi Vision to the next level. It will enable the true Bitcoin, now represented by BCH-SV (Bitcoin SV), to massively scale to terabyte (1 million megabyte) size blocks, 7 million transactions per second, and global enterprise usage.

CoinGeek and nChain believe terabyte-size blocks are viable and necessary for the Bitcoin BCH-SV blockchain to become the global public ledger of the future. A single terabyte block (added every 10 minutes) can contain about 4 billion Bitcoin transactions, and provide capacity of 7 million transactions per second. The scale of a network with 1 TB blocks would be immense, and enable BCH to power not just monetary transactions but token, smart contract, enterprise application, and machine-to-machine data transactions of many types.

Teranode is the next evolution of Bitcoin SV, the new full node implementation for Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Bitcoin SV is currently competing with Bitcoin ABC in a miners hash vote to become the ruleset for BCH. Developed by nChain at CoinGeek Mining’s request and owned by the Antigua-based bComm Association, Bitcoin SV seeks to fulfil the original Satoshi Vision for Bitcoin. It will restore the original Bitcoin protocol, keep it stable and allow it to massively scale. This path is critical to give major enterprises confidence to build their projects on top of the Bitcoin BCH-SV blockchain. Having Teranode planned for the future is another reason why miners and businesses should now choose Bitcoin SV.

Teranode is unique because it will not be a monolithic “one size fits all” implementation. Instead, the project separates four core functions into a modular microservices architecture approach – making a separate Business (RPC) Layer, Network (P2P) Layer, Process Layer and Storage Layer. This microservices architecture allows a business to customize for its needs, and provides several advantages:

• Each component may have multiple implementations that can be easily swapped out for a particular company and its industry needs.
• Components can be written using different computing languages, tools and hardware that are best suited to their particular purpose, rather than having to make a single choice for the entire node.
• It enables massive on-chain scaling capability. A network aware interface like zeroMQ means components can, but do not necessarily need to run on the same machines. As scaling requirements grow, the components can be further broken down and clusterized to match any foreseeable load requirement.

In addition, the Teranode project will seek to solve a technical issue that arises with a massively scaled Bitcoin network with TB size blocks: how to optimize the unspent transaction output (UTXO) database maintained by nodes to prevent double-spending of Bitcoins. Determining the correct amount of coins associated with each output is an essential set in the validation of a new block. With massive transaction volume possible in 1TB blocks, the UTXO database would also grow immensely. Teranode will seek to deliver a microservice API and software implementations that can support the throughput required for gigabyte (1000 MB) and then TB size blocks.

nChain’s Director of Solutions & Engineering Steve Shadders comments:

“Teranode is my baby. The first prototypical iteration of Teranode was just born after the November 15 hard fork of BCH. As we are watching Bitcoin SV in real-life action, we are studying performance hurdles and building new solutions for the enterprise-class Teranode. It’s time for Bitcoin to grow up and professionalize. We appreciate CoinGeek’s support in that journey make Bitcoin useable for the world’s major enterprises.”

CoinGeek founder Calvin Ayre adds:

“I was thrilled to see Bitcoin SV recently mine the world’s first 64 MB block on Bitcoin, and I know we can achieve even bigger blocks. As a mining group, CoinGeek wants to see massive on-chain scaling to unleash the blockchain’s true power and so miners can earn more transaction fees. We believe Teranode provides that path to fulfil the true Satoshi Vision, which is now represented by Bitcoin BCH-SV.”

To learn more about Teranode and Bitcoin SV, come to the CoinGeek Week conference in London, UK, November 28-30 (with an advance Miners Day on November 27). Get information and tickets at

Note: Tokens on the Bitcoin Core (segwit) Chain are Referred to as BTC coins. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is today the only Bitcoin implementation that follows Satoshi Nakamoto’s original whitepaper for Peer to Peer Electronic Cash. Bitcoin BCH is the only major public blockchain that maintains the original vision for Bitcoin as fast, frictionless, electronic cash.

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CoinPoint: Prevailing digital marketing agency in the ever-moving crypto and blockchain market

Sofia, 22.11.2018

CoinPoint, an international crypto and blockchain digital marketing agency, keeps inflating its reach in the crypto industry by employing strategic positioning within the marketing practices resulting in the sustainable growth.

CoinPoint – an omnipotent digital marketing agency

CoinPoint is a well-respected and established name in the crypto industry. They have been around since crypto juvenility, and are premium full-serviced blockchain marketing leaders who prevailed and sustainably grew alongside the industry. They have been mapped as one of the top 60 blockchain marketing agencies, and their business expands on the global market.

Witnessing all the curves and turns crypto industry undertook has enabled CoinPoint’s team to foreseen the industry’s marketing pathways and exploit them in the best manners. As a consequence, they have established a wide range of avant-garde blockchain services in terms of blockchain consultation, brand development, fintech SEO, content marketing, website audit, influencer marketing, etc.

Being a big fish in a small pond

Another thing which makes cryptoverse special in its own way is its susceptibility to constant changes. Having this in mind, the company has always strived towards catching up with the waves of change and accepting them instantaneously.

What makes CoinPoint stand out from the crowd is their signature tactical planning for sustainable growth and its execution. On top of that, it seems that other agencies are only interested in short term results whilst neglecting quality, impact, and tactical forethought.

Oron Barber, CEO at CoinPoint, followed up by declaring:

“We have outlived and outserved many promising businesses, and other agencies which couldn’t cope with the changes fast enough, or were simply not as good. If we see an opportunity where others don’t, we will do everything in our power to grab it and utilize it in some way.”

Others often describe CoinPoint as freethinkers! However, they are currently seeing themselves as a “big fish in a small pond”, and they envision that the pond will extend drastically in the next couple of years.

Contribution to the industry and clientele

Circumnavigating any type of apprehension and gaining precious knowledge by collaborating with various blockchain-related businesses has made CoinPoint’s name a synonym for a forward-looking agency. Their clientele stem from various jurisdictions and countries such as Georgia, Israel, South Africa, Bulgaria, Curacao, etc. What is even more, their main fields of business are e-commerce, media, insurance, and payment services. Noticing the growing amount of newcomers in the business, on top of the inadequate information that was circulating in all directions, the agency noticed that it was time to create an education material which will benefit both launchers and investors.

Generally speaking, CoinPoint’s aim is not only to follow the trends, but also to create them. They have implemented this deep within our business plan and are doing everything so as to stick to it.

Envisioning the industry’s progress

Throughout the years CoinPoint has been trying to bet its stakes on winning industries. They have had many touch points with ICOs, who they think are slowly but surely becoming extinct due to abundance of scammers.

According to them, the future of cryptoverse is slowly but surely shifting in favor of crypto exchanges, cloud mining providers, iGaming operators, payment providers, eSports, and so on. In spite of various businesses fields, they have dedicated team of marketing experts dealing with each and every client independently, tending to their needs on a daily basis, and contributing to their expansion.

Creating a marketing campaign for such businesses can be challenging due to multiple factors including social media limitations, unregulations, scammers, and the like. However, according to CoinPoint staff, they have experience and knowledge on their hands which allowed them to overcome such difficulties and perform flawlessly.

About CoinPoint:

CoinPoint is a premium marketing agency founded in 2013. Owned by CoinPoint Group Inc., the agency is now working with a number of all-scale businesses in the crypto space. With a wide range of clientele from cryptocurrencies markets, blockchain, and fintech, CoinPoint has already opened offices in Europe and the Asia-Pacific. With these headquarters strategically positioned, CoinPoint stays on top of the latest trends and innovations across the globe.

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