Mr. Tibor Gajdics has over 30 years’ experience in corporate development, resource acquisition, and development of exploration plans.  

During his career, Mr. Gajdics has been involved in securing capital for multiple projects and has successfully raised close to $100 Million over the course of his career.



Mr. Simon Moore is the founder and past CEO of two Australian digital advertising agencies, chairman of a cloud integration company, and retired CEO of one of Australia’s largest e-learning development companies.

Mr. Moore has been a sought-after executive in execution and corporate management. He was responsible for creating training programs utilized in the resource sector, developing core and site induction training programs for BHP Billiton, BHP Mitsubishi Alliance, BHP Mitsu Coal and Arrow Energy, to name just a few.  Simon Moore holds a Master of Business (research) from Queensland University of Technology, Australia.



Mr. Rich Wheeless is a seasoned Chief Financial Officer, with 15 years of financial leadership experience. Most recently, he was the Chief Financial Officer for the security software company Rivetz, Inc.  Previous to that he was the Chief Financial Officer for LaunchKey, Inc. which was acquired by Iovation.   Mr. Wheeless has done multiple successful turnarounds for State of Ohio funded companies under the administration of Governor John Kasich. Additionally, he has held executive positions in Canada, United States and the United Kingdom. His global experience is invaluable to his role. Rich originally started his career in the private equity division at Citigroup. Mr. Wheeless has an MBA in Finance with honors from Otterbein University.



Mr. Richard Underhill is an award winning producer, writer, and director of independent films and network television. He has been responsible for producing more than 600 hours of network television and four feature films spanning a 15 year career in the entertainment industry.

Mr. Underhill has independently created and developed 40 television projects with various sales to VH1, TLC, Discovery, Sony, Universal and Newline Cinema.

To assist in the successful sales and execution of Mr. Underhill’s projects, he has been directly responsible for creating the branding of and marketing campaigns for each individual project working with some of the top entertainment industry branding and marketing departments in Hollywood.

Additionally, Mr. Underhill has founded and developed two mobile broadcasting technology platforms and successfully raised millions of dollars in private funding to bring his technology and media projects to market.



Ms. Emma Fairhurst has an excess of 15 years experience in the financial and public company markets.  She has spent the majority of that time directly involved with the Canadian resource capital market and recently expanded her scope of work to include the Australian capital market.  Emma began her business career and earned her steady reputation working with Canaccord Genuity where she administered hundreds of millions of dollars in assets, private placements and financings.  Utilizing this experience and enthusiasm, she subsequently went on to be a Founder and Executive in the many other resource sector business ventures of her own.  Her collective experiences have led to many appointments as Director for various private and public companies.  

Additionally, Emma has over 10 years experience in International Business Development and Corporate Responsibility working in Africa, significantly in East Africa. 

Ms. Fairhurst’s inspired efforts continue as a Director and Founding Member of Global Change for Children Society, a volunteer charity sponsored by numerous mining companies around the globe. 



Mr. Justin Corinella is the Co Founder and CTO of Dahrwin, a mesh network, communication technology company; with three issued patents and several more pending.  Mr. Corinella is the primary inventor of this technology, which is lauded by many as an incredible leap forward and revolutionary for wireless networking that specifically allows any mobile device to directly and securely connect for communication without internet access or cellular infrastructure.

In 2010, Justin teamed up with multiple high-level venture capital firms to create Dahrwin LLC, in an effort to build out the technology it offers today. The technical team, lead by Mr. Corinella, constantly worked to better the functionality, expand the scope of industry usage and perfect the stability of the Dahrwin Mesh Network with proven success.

Through his endeavors, Mr. Corinella has refined his knowledge and expertise, all of which began in the data storage and communications sectors.  His deep insight into technology and wireless communications has positioned him as a lead in multiple R&D and Engineering departments working on various military and government based technologies.

Mr. Corinella is a respected innovator in computer and communication engineering and a very sought after asset in these sectors.



Mr. Marko Hytinkoski has been an international business executive for over 20 years in many cities in Europe and Asia.

Mr. Hytinkoski has worked in the technology sector in various high-level management roles and has lived in four continents while successfully executing those positions.  Through the benefits of this experience and exposure, Mr. Hytinkoski has a very diverse and unique scope of global business practices, business etiquette and employee culture from multiple countries around the globe.

Further, Marko has earned years of knowledge to cryptocurrencies, blockchain and initial coin offerings in investor, consultant and advisor roles.  He has been an early adopter of the technology since 2011, well before most were aware of the existence of the technology. Marko’s opportunities and experience have given him a rare vision into the birth of blockchain to the Internet of Things.

Mr. Hytinkoski holds an EMBA and Master of Science (Economics) by education.




Mr. Garry Stock has worked in the resource industry for more than 20 years, helping build companies from inception to up to $500-million in market capitalization.

Mr. Stock has been involved in $400-million in equity financings and has acquired/developed exploration assets across most commodities within Canadian, the U.S., Australian and British securities jurisdictions.

Mr. Garry Stock holds an Honours BA in Economics and completed the CFA program in 1998.



David Rokoss has a twenty year career as an entrepreneur and consultant, working with a variety of private and publicly listed companies, focusing on concept development, finance and operational management. For the last decade, he has consulted with numerous early stage companies across the mining, clean tech, retail and technology sectors, focusing on business and corporate development opportunities.

During this period, he worked with the banking team at Kyoto Planet Capital Partners, a private fund established to find, fund and foster early stage companies across the sustainability space, which included investments in wind, waste, bio-fuels and energy technologies. He has considerable experience in due diligence, local and cross-border mergers, corporate acquisitions and compliance issues, having worked with companies in multiple jurisdictions including those publicly trading in Canada, the United States and Germany.

Mr. Rokoss is currently a Director of Blackheath Resources, a TSX venture listed mining company and a partner at Ptolemy Capital. He is a graduate of McMaster University.



Mr. Owen King has over 20 years of experience in the financial markets and management consulting fields. He was employed at Mackie Research as an Investment Advisor focusing on venture capital financings in the resource sector and many other industries.

Since 2014, Mr. King has been working with public companies in business development and assisting with capital raises and IPO’s.

Prior to this, Mr. King was a management consultant working with high-tech small industry installing audible quality management systems in small business.